Clean room equipment and consumables

  • Fan filter unit FFU

    Fan filter unit FFU

    FFU is a modular terminal air supply device with its own power and filtering function. The fan sucks in the air from the top of FFU and filters it through HEPA (high efficiency filter). The filtered clean air is evenly sent out at the wind speed of 045m / s ± 10. FFU is widely used in 1000 class clean room or 100 class clean room in photoelectric industry, precision electronics, liquid crystal glass, semiconductor and other fields.

  • Air shower

    Air shower

    Single people and double blow
    External dimension (mm) 1300 * 1000 * 2150 internal scale (mm): 800 * 900 * 2000 overall power (kW: 1.60kw overall air volume (m3 / min) 50m3 / min 3000m3 / h high efficiency scale (mm): 610 * 610 * 50 shower time (s): 15 ~ 99 adjustable electronic interlocking: entrance and exit electronic interlocking scope: suitable for places with less than 50 people.

  • Cleanroom wiper

    Cleanroom wiper

    The clean room wiper is made of double braided polyester fiber. Its surface is soft and easy to wipe sensitive surface.

  • Nitrile gloves

    Nitrile gloves

    Synthetic nitrile oil resistant gloves are made of synthetic nitrile rubber through special production process. The problem that PVC gloves and latex gloves cannot be solved in modern purification room is solved. nitrile gloves have good antistatic performance, no protein allergens, comfortable to wear, more flexible to operate.