Air purifier filter

  • Air purifier HEPA filter

    Air purifier HEPA filter

    HEPA filter is generally made of polypropylene or other composite materials. HEPA filter is internationally recognized as the best efficient filter material.

  • Air purifier Filter cartridge

    Air purifier Filter cartridge

    The integrated filter element structure effectively reduces the air resistance, and the good air permeability makes the supercharging system of the purifier play a better performance and better purification effect. The optimization of structure also brings about the improvement of space.

    Filter hair, pollen and other large particles, filter PM2.5, bacteria and virus, filter odor, formaldehyde, tv0c and other harmful gases.

  • Primary nylon filter

    Primary nylon filter

    Daily maintenance of air conditioning filter is very important for air conditioning, which directly affects the cleanliness of indoor air.

  • Activated carbon filter

    Activated carbon filter

    It can be widely used in various air conditioning and ventilation systems, and has the functions of dust removal and deodorization, which can effectively improve the indoor air quality.